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what will it take to reach your goal?

This is the magic question, what will it take to reach your goal? Where should i begin, I've heard everything from the impossible,ya that's right how could something you believe is impossible become possible? To when the stars align, so will you be starring up at the sky until this happens? To right when I have time to put my mind to it or when I have the money. This is the most common excuse. The truth is that if you're ready to go for it, you will. The thing that i know for sure, is that "What helps you reach your goal is your WH"Y".

Your "Y" is your purpose,your passion, the emotional connection that you felt when the idea hit you. When you first started dreaming about it. This is your WH"Y".

When you recognize your "Y" you eliminate all of the doubts which also eliminates all of the obstacles that you put in your way. This is where the saying "get out of your own way" comes from. If we could be truthful to yourself in allow yourself to step into the fear of not knowing what will happen, if we trust your gut your feelings your passion, this is where are "Y" lies. Do not allow your critter brain to enter the flight mode. It tends to do that automatically to help you feel secure and in the norm. Allow yourself to feel comfortable with the unknown and you will stretch to bigger things.This will help you reach the place where your WH"Y" will be very clear.


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