Jumpstart your Practice using  a proven system & see  the TRANSformation

Helping you increase your production

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Jumpstart your Front Desk

  • reaching out to all patients via email&phone(active & inactive)

  • important phone skills & dental verbiage 

  • focusing on the schedule, how to schedule patients according to needed  treatment 

  • what a productive schedule looks like

  • how to over-deliver inpatient care and giving them a WOW! experience

We could help by doing the little things for YOU!

  • post jobs regarding new hire

  • review applications & screening candidates

  • creating team culture 

  • outlining employee duties per job (full or part-time)

  • training in areas of need

  • outlining office systems 

  • outlining RCDS protocols

  • Covid-19 protocols

Implementing Oral Appliance Therapy for OSA to your practice!

Snoring & Sleep Apnea


  • training your staff

  • screening your patients

  • step by step implementation 

  • helping the patients that are diagnosed with (OSD)

  • CPAP vs Oral Appliance

  • Health insurance submission

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